Unleashing the power of words

Silhouette Press will run an open session for people who want to develop the ways in which they use the written word to bring about change – Letters to Editors – Articles for Blogs or Tweets, fiction and poetry, grammar, style and spelling.

(CHANGE) will look at ways for individuals to develop power and clarity in their writing and get their message across. This is a chance to leave their garret, computer screen or the front-line political action and share experiences and ideas.

Tuesday, 24 February, 1-3pm @ The Pod, Coventry, CV1 4AE  – Partnership Room.

You can also join the event via Facebook – www.facebook.com/events/853635028032545/

Contact  – Adam Steiner – SP Creative Projects Lead

We will run future sessions:

2/3/2015, 1-3pm
21/3/2015, 1-3pm

This project is supported by:


The Peapod Collective
The Peapod Collective
The POD, CV1 4AE
The POD, CV1 4AE