The Best of a Bad Situation – by Jamie Thrasivoulou

Jamie Thrasivoulou writes poems for hard times – underdog tales of tough lessons learnt the long way round. His poetry is rooted in his native Derby but takes aim at the bigger issues of racism, political control, drug addiction, class-division and identity. Adopting a polemical no-holds-barred approach to writing, the intensity of Jamie’s live shows have seen him forge a reputation as one of the most exciting poets in the UK.

£6 [PLUS £1 P&P]

‘These are not poems but caged animals snarling at the bars; this is less a collection, more a declaration of war, a class-bound, bombastic, rhythmical delight’
-Andy Mulletproof Graves

‘These are raw, insistent poems to make you take a long, hard look around.’
-Helen Mort

The Africa In My House by Andrea Mbarushimana

Blending fiction, poetry and urban legends, The Africa in my House presents a tapestry of experience through the eyes of a woman in love with the continent and all it has to teach: about racism, suffering, joy, generosity; and ultimately hope and reconciliation.

£6 [PLUS £1 P&P]

‘An absorbing work that shines a light for humanity in the face of overwhelming darkness – Andrea Mbarushimana is one to watch.’
-Antony Owen

Love And Loss And Other Important Stuff

A pithy and poignant play on the limits of poetical forms, Love and Loss and Other Important Stuff digs deep to uncover the brutal and beautiful facts of life.

‘Failed mariages, mistreated love, incongruous deaths, the act of giving up, the vicissitudes of life: all these poems have bits of us within them, and stay with us thanks to this proximity.’
Slow Culture

£6 [PLUS £1 P&P]

Exclamation Marx! by Neil Laurenson – READ MORE

The first poetry book from Silhouette Press!
In this little red book of poetry littered with a-Mao-zing puns, Neil Laurenson  tackles Russian dolls; tiny cardigans and parking restrictions; the British education system and Margaret Thatcher’s position on love truncheons.

Exclamation Marx - COVER

£6 [PLUS £1 P&P]

“Exclamation Marx! is a light hearted look at society that will entice any reader with its unassuming tone and joyous observations. Neil is a talent, much like Louis Theroux, who can scathe with a smile and piss-off with a pun.”
-Jim Gibson, Hand Job Zine

“A witty, satirical collection that packs punches and belly laughs with equal clout.”
-Martin Appleby, Paper & Ink Zine

“Neil Laurenson’s poetry is a potent combination of wit and wordplay, intelligence and pathos, fortified with invigorating doses of the personal and the political. He is one of the finest young poets in the West Midlands and his first collection ‘Exclamation Marx!’ is a powerful introduction to his magnetically attractive poetry.”
-Fergus McGonigal, Poet

“Neil Laurenson’s debut pamphlet is full of well-observed sharp wit. Featuring a menagerie of characters whom we have all met somewhere along the way, these poems are personal, political and identifiable.”
-Claire Walker, Poet

“Neil plays with language and expectations. He likes to lead you on detours to truth or for fun. Let him take you there.”
-Sarah Dixon, Poet & Quiet Compere

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