Exclamation Marx! by Neil Laurenson

The first poetry book from Silhouette Press!

In this little red book of poetry littered with a-Mao-zing puns, Neil Laurenson  tackles Russian dolls; tiny cardigans and parking restrictions; the British education system and Margaret Thatcher’s position on love truncheons.

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“Exclamation Marx! is a light hearted look at society that will entice any reader with its unassuming tone and joyous observations. Neil is a talent, much like Louis Theroux, who can scathe with a smile and piss-off with a pun.”
-Jim Gibson, Hand Job Zine

“A witty, satirical collection that packs punches and belly laughs with equal clout.”
-Martin Appleby, Paper & Ink Zine

“Neil Laurenson’s poetry is a potent combination of wit and wordplay, intelligence and pathos, fortified with invigorating doses of the personal and the political. He is one of the finest young poets in the West Midlands and his first collection ‘Exclamation Marx!’ is a powerful introduction to his magnetically attractive poetry.”
-Fergus McGonigal, Poet

“Neil Laurenson’s debut pamphlet is full of well-observed sharp wit. Featuring a menagerie of characters whom we have all met somewhere along the way, these poems are personal, political and identifiable.”
-Claire Walker, Poet

“Neil plays with language and expectations. He likes to lead you on detours to truth or for fun. Let him take you there.”
-Sarah Dixon, Poet & Quiet Comperee


About Neil Laurenson

Neil used to dress up as Tony Blair and assumed that people would interpret this habit as a protest rather than a tribute. He has since become a parent and councillor and has resisted the urge to wear a latex mask to make a point. His children are grateful for this. He sometimes reads them poetry but not from this book.