The Best of a Bad Situation – by Jamie Thrasivoulou


THE BEST OF A BAD SITUATION by Jamie Thrasivoulou

Jamie Thrasivoulou writes poems for hard times – underdog tales of tough lessons learnt the long way round. His poetry is rooted in his native Derby but takes aim at the bigger issues of racism, political control, drug addiction, class-division and identity. Adopting a polemical no-holds-barred approach to writing, the intensity of Jamie’s live shows have seen him forge a reputation as one of the most exciting poets in the UK.

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Anthem For the Racist White Trash    

It’s every day it’s 5AM

I’m out walking the dogs again

On the corner of my street whom should I see?

But local people, both immigrants and refugees

You say:
They’re queuing to take those jobs you dream

They’re queuing to take those jobs you dream

Of packing chickens in factories

Or wiping the arses of amputees

Exploited loyal worker bees

Half their wages docked for travel fees

They’re here to steal those jobs you dream

They’re here to steal those jobs you dream

Like picking strawberries from the fields

Bent down cramped-up and on their knees

Or washing cars for a fiver-a-piece

Or saving the NHS that’s on it’s knees […]


‘These are not poems but caged animals snarling at the bars; this is less a collection, more a declaration of war, a class-bound, bombastic, rhythmical delight,
-Andy Mulletproof Graves

‘These are raw, insistent poems to make you take a long, hard look around.’
-Helen Mort

‘Thrasivoulou’s voice is vital, visceral, angry and urgent – fucking brilliant!’
-Matt Abbott

‘Asphalt whisperers, mediators of a sonic correspondence between broken hearts and broken promises, busted causeways and lost causes’
-Miggy Angel

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Jamie Thrasivoulou is a poet/spoken word artist from Derby.

By trade he is a painter and decorator – but now he mostly spends his time facilitating creative-writing workshops.Jamie works with Asylum Seekers and Refugees for the Writing East Midlands Write Now: Sanctuary project where he is shadow Writer-in-Residence. He has published in Paper + Ink zine, Burning house press, Hand-Job-Zine, Pint Pot Poetry, The Arsonist Magazine, Cityzine, and Not-So-Popular. Jamie runs the poetry night Word Wise in Derby, and performs all over the UK.

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