Living Quarters – Expanded @ The POD

Silhouette Press and book-binder, Rosie Bolton, were engaged to expand the ongoing exhibtion, Living Quarters, showcasing passport photographs from the 70s and 80s, found and selected by artist Martin Green, and a series of buildings photographed by Adele Reed.

Using transcript recordings of visitor’s perceptions of Living Quarters, SP and Rosie produced cut-ups of these lines and arranged them into a hand-bound book that presents polaroid head shots of people passing through the POD alongside reflections on the exhibition.

The book attempts to provide a continuing narrative behind the pictures, juxtaposing the forms of windows and faces. The project directly  involved people who came to the POD (models/writers/book-makers) in the creative process of producing the book as exhibition artefact, it can be viewed at the POD.

Find out more about The POD and view some extracts from the book below:

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