Never Mind The Ballots!

Check out our anthology of political satire based around a sudden by-election in a typical mid-sized British town!

Our Government - Dan BellengerRead it now!


Read it now!

HCE Editor and SP Director, Gary Sykes-Blythe fills you in on the process:

Everyone can think of a British town down on it’s luck: they’ve become iconic of a particular kind of British mind-set. Half bitter and decrepit, half optimistic: the ‘crap town‘ is ripe for creativity of all kinds. I have a strange fondness for them. 

The difficult part was editing the submissions and  trying to ensure that the ‘small town’ atmosphere wasn’t lost in the process. It is difficult to create shoddily-run local newspaper content (typos and all) with the fact that we had to produce a quality product – allowing for just enough anarchic incompetence, while managing genuine mistakes, but hopefully we got the right balance.

My favourite submissions were pieces that managed to get something of their own vision of poor old Newton-under-Wetherly and combine it with something that rang true for places across the UK, with just enough vicious political satire.

“the attention to detail is fantastic and I love the picture you’ve built up of this divided constituency!”
-Ideas Tap

Dan Bellenger - Our Government

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